Bare metal making a comeback!

What goes around comes around!  While there are certainly a few things that we hope will never reappear again, galvanized corrugated metal is not one of them.  If you worked on a farm at any point in your life, then you have probably spent a hot summer day with a bucket of galvanized coating and a mop putting a new coating on the barn roof.   Galvanized metal will eventually rust, and while this metal is not a popular option on new buildings anymore it is finding popularity in interior remodels and outdoor projects.  We are seeing it used in everything from fence panels and drop ceiling tiles, to interior walls and wainscoting.  Stop by and see us at ProMark as we are now stocking 1-1/4” corrugated galvanized metal in 12’ and 16’ sheets and we also make the trims in house!

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