Laminated Columns

We are a stocking dealer and wholesale distribution hub for Richland Laminated columns.  Laminated columns are stronger, lighter and won't warp and twist  like solid sawn timbers.  The columns are made by laminating 2x6 and 2x8 #1 SYP lumber together to make a superior column.  Unlike solid sawn treated timbers, laminated columns carry a 40 year warranty against rot, decay and termite damage.  Treated timbers do not carry a warranty when used in a structural application.  These columns are standard in every ProMark building package.

Additional Post Protection Options


Keep wood out of the ground with precast concrete Perma-Columns, the first product to combine the economy of post-frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. Simple installation. No waiting on concrete trucks. No treated wood in the ground. No more rot.

What They're Made Of

We use the latest in SCC precasting technology. Microfibers add shock resistance and durability. Microsilicia enhances flexural/compressive strength and erosion resistance. A corrosion inhibitor protects the rebar reinforcement from rusting, and a final admixture is added to give freeze and thaw protection. Our special mix guarantees a lifetime of durability.

The wood column is attached to a “U” shaped steel bracket. The bracket is robotically welded to steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column. All the steel we use is premium high strength alloy purchased in the U.S.A.

Stronger than you think

Perma-Columns are three times the strength of standard concrete and in comparative strength tests conducted by Wisconsin and Purdue University, Perma-Columns have proven to outperform the industry standard wood columns.

Eliminate in-ground post decay & rot - Green Post™. The Most Affordable, All-In-One Solution for In-Ground Post Decay and Uplift Restraint. Green Post™ wrap protects in-ground wood applications from the elements. Field tested, the lighter and easier to install Green Post™ double layer wrap is a factory applied heat seal to the lumber, delivered ready to install with uplift restraint system*. This technique, when used with concrete provides maximum anchorage characteristics to resist post withdrawal generated by wind load. Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and termite tested, the Green Post™ wrap is a barrier around treated and untreated wood protecting the critical ground line area where decay occurs. The product covers the ground contact area to protect wood post applications, such as wood fence posts, pole building posts, agricultural posts, deck posts, light poles, mailbox posts, pavilion posts because it actually separates the wood from the elements that cause ground contact decay. The Green Post™ is the ideal value-added complement for products provided by commercial contractors and the pole-building industry.