Stone Coated Shingles

Stone Coated Shingles by Roser-USA

Industry leading Performance:

  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • 120 mph wind resistance
  • 26 Gauge Steel
  • 2.5" Hailstone Warranty
  • 1.4 Lbs per Sqf
  • 3M Color Palette
  • Superior Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainability

Founded in 1978, Roser has quickly become a leading manufacturer of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems and now holds a majority market share in residential and commercial sectors worldwide.  Roser Roofing Systems are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles. All of our products are lightweight, energy efficient, and easy to install.  Our quality guarantee insures that all Roser products satisfy the needs of professional builders, contractors and homeowners alike.  If you are looking for the longevity of a metal roof, but want the look of traditional shingle roofing then be sure and ask us about Roser stone coated shingles!

Roser USA colors


A true classic, the Roser Stone Wood Shake pairs the aesthetic beauty of the traditional wood shake with the low maintenance and exceptional performance of high strength steel.  Tested against the elements, Stone Wood Shake by Roser has been tempered against hurricanes, fires, hailstorms and earthquakes and has proven its durability and protection for your greatest investment: your home.  With only a fraction of the weight of stone, wood, or asphalt, a Stone Wood Shake roof will give you the classic beauty of wood while providing you with the strength of steel.   


The shingle profile is one of the most popular designs across the globe.  The Roser Piano Shingle borrows the finely detailed and bold appearance of heavy-weight asphalt shingles and leaves their disadvantages behind.  The Piano Shingle profile is engineered to protect in areas where strong winds, fires, and hailstorms  can damage your home.  Resistant to color fading, impact, and wind damage the Piano Shingle will provide your home with the kind of protection that only a stone coated steel roof can.


Roser Cleo Tile will imbue your home with a fresh, radiant appearance while leaving you in the comfort of protection that only a stone coated steel roof can offer.  The lightweight profile hides a durable steel core which can stand up to any climate.  Resistant to fire and hurricane force winds, the Cleo Tile gives a look of elegance and beauty while at the same time safeguarding your home from the elements.  While the Cleo Tile provides the look of finely crafted Spanish tile, it weighs only a fraction of the weight of concrete or clay tile and requires almost no maintenance.